Bingham Canyon Mine


As we have shown largely with airports in former city-lines posts (Europe Airports, North America Airports, Asia-Australia Airports, South America-Africa-Middle East Airports, UK Airports, does the size really matter?), we are really concerned with the impact of infrastructures in land occupancy. We really think that soil consumption impact is a very important variable that is not really taken in consideration when we try to develop territories.

In this serie of posts I just want to show another human activity that impacts heavily in soil consumption and that is directly related with human development that is: mines and natural resources. With the tools I have it is nearly impossible to study underground mines, so I have only measured and worked in some open pit mines. I think that it is a good approach to understand the impact of mining activity.

As I have been developing this new study I have understood that my initial idea was faraway of mines reality. I will explain my opinion through this Open Pit Mines set of posts, but first of all I just want to show you some images about soil consumption of the largest open pit mines. As you can see from the orthoimages, there are some awesome examples of Open Pit Mines:

Bingham Canyon Mine; extracts Copper, gold, silver & molybdenum (USA): 3.580 Ha

Bingham Canyon Mine

 Chuquicamata Mine; EXTRACTS Copper (CHILE): 11.100 Ha

Chuquicamata Mine


Diavik Diamond Mine

Ekati Mine; EXTRACTS DIAMOND (CANADA): 4.520 ha

Ekati Diamond Mine

Escondida Mine; EXTRACTS COPPER (CHILE): 14.700 HA

Escondida Mine

Grasberg Mine; EXTRACTS COPPER & GOLD (INDONESIA): 3.250 ha

Grasberg Mine

Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine; EXTRACTS IRON (USA): 10.900 Ha

Hull-Rust-Mahoning Mine


Mir Diamond Mine


Olympic Dam Mine

The Kalgoorlie Super Pit Mine; EXTRACTS GOLD (AUSTRALIA): 3.260 Ha

The Kalgoorlie Super Pit Mine

Toquepala Mine; EXTRACTS COPPER (PERU): 4.990 Ha

Toquepala Mine

Udachnaya Pipe Mine; EXTRACTS DIAMOND (RUSSIA): 5.360 Ha

Udachnaya Pipe Mine


You have seen a first example of the real magnitude of mining activity. You can see that they have a huge impact into the environment that surraounds them. In following posts I will talk about what these huge infrastructures represent to economic activity and to soil consumption, and the most important, how I had to face the study of mines because the lack of information.

Size of largest airports, Asia & Australia (Video)

We have resumed an older post about the size of the largest airports of Asia and Australia. In this post you can see the data into a video. Just one minute to understand the huge land occupation that airports do. Do you think that Tokyo Haneda is bigger than Hong Kong Cheklap Kok? Is Sydney Airport largest than New Delhi Airport? All these doubts can be solved wathching the video.

We have resumed some other post in videos, you can see the Size of the largest Airports in Europe and the Size of largest Airports in the USA.

Size of the largest airports in UK

Now we have measured the largest airports in UK, this has been a good work to realize about how the size of the airports doesn´t vary despite the use of them, you can check the areas of the 15 busiest airports in the United Kingdom to check it.

You can find more airports informations following this link.

First you can surf this site map to understand the location of the 15 largest airports of the UK

Now we can start the countdown to show you the area of the largest airports in UK:

15. London City Airport: 86 Ha

London City Airport, Map

14. London Luton: 196 Ha

London Luton Airport, Map

13. Birmingham Airport: 316 Ha
Birmingham Airport Map
12. Edinburgh Airport: 386 Ha
Edinburgh Airport Map
11. Manchester Airport: 552 Ha

Manchester Airport Map

10. London Gatwick Airport: 615 Ha

London Gatwick Airport Map

9. London Stansted Airport: 713 Ha

London Standsted Airport Map

8. Bristol Airport: 748 Ha

Bristol Airport Map

7. Aberdeen Airport: 824 Ha

Aberdeen Airport Map

6. Liverpool John Lennon Airport: 874 Ha

 Liverpool John Lennon Airport Map

5. Newcastle Airport: 877 Ha

Newcastle Airport Map

4. Glasgow Airport: 937 Ha

Glasgow Airport Map

3. East Midlands Airport: 1050 Ha

 East Mindlands Airport Map

2. London Heathrow: 1215 Ha

London Heathrow Airport Map

1. Belfast Airport: 1420 Ha

Belfast Airport Map

Wow! Belfast airport is bigger than London Heathrow! Did you expected? Maybe you are as surprised as I am.

Here you can find a chart resuming the data I have manged to check and get your own conclusions:

Airport Name Size (Ha) PAX 2013 Rank Size Rank PAX
Belfast International Airport 1420 4.023.336 1 13
London Heathrow 1215 72.367.054 2 1
East Midlands International Airport 1050 4.334.117 3 11
Glasgow International Airport 937 7.363.764 4 8
Newcastle Airport 877 4.420.839 5 10
Liverpool John Lennon Airport 874 4.187.493 6 12
Aberdeen Airport 824 3.440.765 7 14
Bristol Airport 748 6.131.896 8 9
London Stansted Airport 713 17.852.393 9 4
London Gatwick 615 35.444.206 10 2
Manchester Airport 552 20.751.581 11 3
Edinburgh Airport 386 9.775.443 12 5
Birmingham Airport 316 9.120.201 13 7
London Luton 196 9.697.944 14 6
London City Airport 83 3.379.753 15 15


Size of largest airports, USA (video)

Here you can find a video where you can see the size of the largest airports of the USA. I hope you´ll enjoy it. Do you bet for New York City-JFK airport, Los Angeles, Chicago O´Hare? Maybe you think that Dallas-Fort Worth, Washington-Dulles, Denver or Atlanta Hartsfield airports are bigger? Solve the quiz just watching the video!

You can see a video about the European airports at the “Size of largest airports, Europe (Video)” post, you can alos find more information about the Nort American airports following this link. You can also find information about European, Asia-Australia and South America-Africa-Middle East airports.

Size of the largest airports, Europe (Video)

Here you can find a video where you can see the size of the largest airports of Europe. I expect you´ll enjoy it. Do you bet for London-Heathrow, Amsterdam-Schiphol, Paris-Charles de Gaulle? Maybe you think that Madrid-Barajas, Roma-Fiumicino or Frankfurt airport are bigger? Solve the quiz just watching the video!

You can find more information about the European airports following this link. You can also find information about North America, Asia-Australia and South America-Africa-Middle East airports.


After publish Brazil Airports for FIFA 2014 World Cup, here you have the second part of it, this time you can check information with some charts and graphics



As we have made in former posts as the “largest airports” saga (Europe, North America, Asia-Australia, South America-Africa-Middle East, does the size really matter?), we want to give some information about airports.

This time the FIFA 2014 World Cup is upcoming and we have gathered some information about the Brazilian Airports that are welcoming the football games. I think that the best way of giving the info is through a map:

Brazil Airport FIFA world cup 2014


Airport Name City
Tancredo Neves/Confins International Airport Belo Horizonte
Afonso Pena International Airport Curitiba
Augusto Severo International Airport Natal
Rio de Janeiro/Galeão–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport Rio de Janeiro
Santos Dumont Airport Rio de Janeiro
Brasília–Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport Brasilia
Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport Fortaleza
Salgado Filho International Airport Porto Alegre
Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport Salvador de Bahía
Marechal Rondon International Airport Cuiabá
Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes–Manaus International Airport Manaus
Recife/Guararapes–Gilberto Freyre International Airport Recife
São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport Sao Paulo
São Paulo/Congonhas Airport Sao Paulo


For sure that any time you have asked yourself: Does the size really matters? Well, I am going to answer your question if you are thinking about airports. In former posts I have made some measures of some of the biggest airports all around the world; you can look at these posts to see the maps of the airports:
1. Europe
2. North America
3. Asia-Australia
4. South America-Africa-Middle East


Firstly I want to show the airports size´s rank (font: CityLines):

Dallas Fort Worth 4360
Denver International Airport 4200
King Fahd International Airport 3410
Shanghai, Pudong 3350
París, Charles de Gaulle 3100
Madrid Barajas 3050
New International Bangkok Airport 2980
Chicago O´Hare 2610
Cairo International Airport (Wadi al Jandali) 2550
Beijing Internacional airport 2330
Washington-dulles 2255
Amsterdam, Schipol 2090
New Delhi, Indira Gandhi international airport 1770
Toronto Pearson 1660
Salt lake City 1635
Atlanta Airport 1625
New York, JFK 1525
Frankfurt Airport 1470
Tokyo, Haneda 1445
Dubai International Airport 1445
Roma Fiumicino 1395
Los Angeles International 1325
Kansas city 1290
Hong Kong 1285
Londres, Heathrow 1215
Barcelona, El Prat 950
Rio de Janeiro, Galeao International Airport 950
Moscu Sheremetyevo 875
Sao Paulo, Guarulhos International 855
Sydney airport 820
Mexico, Aeropuerto Internacional Ciudad de Mexico 685
Buenos Aires, Pistarini 670
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai-Delhi) 575

This means that these 33 airports occupies the awesome area of 61.750 Ha that it is more or less Singapore´s size. The mean area for these airports is 1.871 Ha.

Secondly, I also going to show the passengers´ ranking, this is the following:

Atlanta Airport 92365860
Beijing Internacional airport 77403668
Londres, Heathrow 69433565
Chicago O´Hare 66561023
Tokyo, Haneda 62263025
Los Angeles International 61848449
París, Charles de Gaulle 60970551
Dallas Fort Worth 57806152
Frankfurt Airport 56436255
Hong Kong 53314213
Denver International Airport 52699298
Dubai International Airport 50977960
Amsterdam, Schipol 49754910
Madrid Barajas 49644302
New International Bangkok Airport 47910744
New York, JFK 47854283
Shanghai, Pudong 41450211
Roma Fiumicino 37651222
Sydney airport 36022614
New Delhi, Indira Gandhi international airport 34729467
Barcelona, El Prat 34387597
Toronto Pearson 33434199
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai-Delhi) 30439122
Sao Paulo, Guarulhos International 30371131
Mexico, Aeropuerto Internacional Ciudad de Mexico 26368861
Washington-dulles 23056291
Moscu Sheremetyevo 22555309
Salt lake City 20440913
Cairo International Airport (Wadi al Jandali) 16148480
Rio de Janeiro, Galeao International Airport 15184350
Kansas city 10469892
Buenos Aires, Pistarini 8786807
King Fahd International Airport 5267000

It is also amazing that the total amount of people that have used these 33 airports in 2011 is 1.384.007.724 (font Wikipedia). This amount of people is similar to China´s population, wow!

But the real question in this post is if size really matters for air traffic and airport management. Well, I think that if we compare the size of the airports with the amount of people that uses each airport we will have some idea about it. Watch the table below:

Londres, Heathrow 57146,967
Atlanta Airport 56840,529
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Mumbai-Delhi) 52937,603
Los Angeles International 46678,075
Sydney airport 43930,017
Tokyo, Haneda 43088,599
Hong Kong 41489,66
Mexico, Aeropuerto Internacional Ciudad de Mexico 38494,688
Frankfurt Airport 38392,01
Barcelona, El Prat 36197,471
Sao Paulo, Guarulhos International 35521,791
Dubai International Airport 35278,865
Beijing Internacional airport 33220,458
New York, JFK 31379,858
Roma Fiumicino 26990,123
Moscu Sheremetyevo 25777,496
Chicago O´Hare 25502,308
Amsterdam, Schipol 23806,177
Toronto Pearson 20141,084
París, Charles de Gaulle 19667,92
New Delhi, Indira Gandhi international airport 19621,168
Madrid Barajas 16276,82
New International Bangkok Airport 16077,431
Rio de Janeiro, Galeao International Airport 15983,526
Dallas Fort Worth 13258,292
Buenos Aires, Pistarini 13114,637
Denver International Airport 12547,452
Salt lake City 12502,087
Shanghai, Pudong 12373,197
Washington-dulles 10224,519
Kansas city 8116,1953
Cairo International Airport (Wadi al Jandali) 6332,7373
King Fahd International Airport 1544,5748

In this case we can see the incredible variation of the ratio PAX/AREA. From the most efficient airport, that is London Heathrow with 57.147 passengers managed per Hectare, to the least efficient airport, that is King Fahd International Airport with 1.545 passengers managed in 1 Hectare, there is a difference of 37 times more efficiency for London Heathrow.

Well, also considering that the size ratio between the biggest and the smallest of these airports (Dallas Fort Worth vs Chhatrapati Shivaji International) is 7,5 times, we can see how there is a lack of planning & management in the soil occupation of these infrastructures.

Considering the importance of keeping natural soils, I think this example is pretty clear about how infrastructures can be more or less sustainable on soil occupation.



I want to stop talking about airports for a while and continue talking about smart cities. In former posts I have talked about Smart Cities and I have said that it is important that citizens have to be the new center of decision of smart citizens. I have also supported that technology does not have to be the next barrier or the next excuse to oust citizens from public decisions.

In this City Lines post I also want to make you know this brilliant initiative to build our Smart Cities

you also have an english subtitled version here

You can see how this initiative goes one step beyond of what I said before and tries to build the smart city in a collaborative way. If we work with open source, open hardware solutions and collaborative people it is posible to have low cost solutions to build this smart cities that sometimes sound really odd for citizens. This is a brilliant idea that puts the citizen in the middle of the city construction and give us the tools to start making our own smart city.

Beyond this initiative it is also amazing how crowdfunding platforms as Goteo are arising in the Web. This kind of tools are already a real way to find the funds that governments are not able to provide to this kind of start up initiatives.

You can support Smart Citizen initiative here!


In the former post of the airport size serial I have published information about the size of the European airports, the North American airports and the Asian & Australian airports. In this post I am going to share the information about the South American, African and Middle East airports. (lately I have posted a resume about the efficiency of airports’ land use)

I expect that you are enjoying the information!

Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (Brasil): 855Ha

Rio de Janeiro Galeao International Airport (Brasil): 950 Ha

Buenos Aires Pistarini International Airport (Argentina): 670 Ha

Mexico City International Airport Ciudad de México (Mexico): 685 Ha

King Fahd International Airport (Saudi Arabia): 3410Ha

Dubai International Airport (United Arab Emirates): 1445 Ha

Cairo Wadi al Jandali International Airport (Egypt): 2550 Ha

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