The past 27th, 28th and 29th October I attended the 6th International Congress on Spatial Planning, organized by Fundicot in Pamplona. It is always interesting to hear the speeches of other professionals dedicated to Planning and see the paths that are being followed at the moment.

I think there were no major surprises in the discussions that took place in that forum, but I would like to give my opinion on an element that was repeated throughout the entire Congress. It seems that there is a clear diagnosis about the territorial problems that exist; however, the solutions to them are addressed in a piecemeal way.

The positive side is that there appears to be some consensus upon the fact that this system requires a change to unassumable patterns over time as the loss of biodiversity, unsustainable mobility, excessive consumption of land and resources, climate challenges or an unsustainable energy model.

The negative side is that, after having a methodical and accurate discourse about the problems we have, there is not a complete and complex discourse on possible solutions that will contribute to change the model in which we live.

Far from conceptual discourses, my prosaic vision of the matter suggests to me that the cost of implementing policies and technologies that would enable the shift of paradigm are still greater than the costs incurred by, let me call it, “the twentieth century model”. Of course, when I talk about costs, I mean cash flows, not total costs from internalizing all the elements that influence the system, that would be another history.

Finally, as an MVP or Palme d’Or and knowing that I´m leaving things on the way, I would like to highlight Ramon Folch´s discourse ( as the most complete in terms of structure; the concreteness of the interventions and the simplifications made in the Barcelona Metropolitan Territorial Plan (, explained by Oriol Nel·lo, as a way to get results without getting lost in the complexity of elements that we are not able to master; and, finally, the specific methodology for landscape mapping expressed by Luis A. Cancer ( as a way to provide objectivity to subjective parameters as are the ones surrounding landscape.

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