The possibilities that new technologies gives us to manage our mobility are amazing. A carefree society with a car-free mobility.


  1. Dr. Yasser Fouad

    very intersting !!

  2. super cool!

  3. H. Peter Seidel

    Revolutionary – a significant step beyond bikeshare!

  4. Thanks for the interest in this post

  5. A great system that surpasses a purely demand responsive one. I would define it as a consciously needs’ responsive system. Congratulations!

  6. This is a revolutionary idea built with the real need of people and more importantly it is pragmatic. I am interested to know, if there are cities already powered with this “mo”?

    • The idea is being developed by LUNAR, Green City e.V. an environmental organization in Munich, and the University of Wuppertal. I expect that they will succeed in the implementation in Munich, that is their initial target.

  7. Great idea. Is there a way to include pedestrians in the scheme? Walking is also an eco-friendly healthy activity that we would like to encourage.

  8. I love the way this integrates and incentivises sustainable transport modes including your own bicycle, but wouldn’t there be a problem with theft of the tags fitted to the bike’s seat post?

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