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As I have said in the former post, copper mining industry is really concentrated in a few countries, but it is also interesting to see which are the enterprises who are doing business with this raw material.

It has been a hard work to find out the enterprises which are the larger copper producers , and I like to explain a bit about the methodology. I have managed the Annual Reports that listed companies provides to markets. This is a hard job because every enterprise structures the information in its own way. As an example, sometimes there is accurate information about every single copper mine, but other times companies only group copper mines geographically. Notwithstanding, in this case you can check the information, but the toughest work came when companies are not listed, so you have to look to several magazine interviews, web dubious information and all over these kind of uncertain information sources.

After these difficulties we get some interesting data to continue the study. First of all I think that it will be fine to see an overall vision about the most important copper mining companies. Here there is a graph in which you can see the companies’ share of 2013 market in copper production terms.


copper main enterprises

(Unknown company means that we have not studied the 45% of the copper production business) source: city-lines.com, based on enterprises public data

Here you can see the data of companies’ production we have obtained through the different reports I mentioned before:

CODELCO 1.857.199
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. (FCX) 1.499.170
GlencoreXstrata 1.263.494
BHP Billiton 1.204.656
Grupo Mexico 738.137
Rio Tinto 624.150
Anglo American 541.368
Antofagasta 465.849
Jiangxi Copper Company 340.000
Teck 333.439
Mitsubishi-JX Nippon Mining&Metals 236.700
Sumitomo 213.915
MMG Limited 178.735
China Molybdenum Co Ltd’s, CMOC Mining Pty Limited 40.000
Other* 891.942
Unknown** 7.825.248


** Unknown: mining production that haven’t been studied


Despite of the production done by “Unknown” (for this study) companies you can see how the ten biggest mining companies control the 50% of the production market, which means that copper production  is ruled by not to many people in not many countries. The state of the market causes different situations between countries and nations that depend in the economical-political regulation of each country as I wanted to explain in forthcoming posts.